About GBT

Global Bible Translators (GBT), which belongs to the Wycliffe Global Alliance, was established in 1985. Before it was established, we had already proceeded to Camp Wycliffe, the basic training of the Bible translation mission on our own in Seoul. Because in the beginning of 1985 some people―such as a pastor Han-Eum Ok, a pastor Tae-Ung Lee, a pastor Yong-Jo Ha, and a pastor Jeong-Gil Hong―all of them agreed that the Korean churches need to participate in the Bible translation mission. Therefore they established GBT. At that time, they made a decision and took responsibility to start to their mission that the Korean churches will take care of 300 tribal languages, which is one tenth of the remaining Bibless 3000 tribal languages. There is the most important factor in the mission field in order to preach the Gospel, build churches, and help the churches and communities to grow up healthy. It is “the mother tongue Bible” that the local people can understand the best. Without God’s Word, there cannot be appropriate for evangelism and church growth.

GBT is  a sending mission organization with the Korean churches so that the Bible can be translated into their mother tongue languages, which are ​​the most easily understood by each language group, and the translated Bible can take root in their lives to help the churches and regions to grow and to be changed. We are not only in charge of working co-operatively with our co-workers and churches in Korea but also training brothers and sisters who are interested in the Bible translation. At the same time we must help missionaries to take care of their own ministries as well. 

Currently, approximately 220 missionaries, who have been sent by the Korean churches, are working with Bible translation organizations around the world for over 70 languages more than 20 countries. GBT set the goal of covering 300 tribal languages, which is one tenth of 3000 tribal languages that have need of the mother tongue Bible among about 7,000 languages ​​around the world. This work cannot be done by GBT alone. For this reason, we need to a partnership with you and churches. We look forward to working with you who are willing to join us in this work within God’s will.


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